RD:IR Provides Accurate, In-Depth Shareholder Analysis

Great shareholder analysis is the basis of any IR strategy. It is the foundation of our business and we are renowned experts in this area, with over 600 UK and international clients employing RD:IR’s services.

We provide evidence-based, in-depth, accurate shareholder analysis which is delivered via our proprietary online platform, IR InTouch or in Excel / PDF formats, according to client requirement. Our shareholder analysis data links seamlessly to our investor CRM data in IR InTouch to provide a complete online investor relations service.

The methodology we use for our analysis depends on the domicile of the client. We make enquiries to custodian banks and other shareholders using the powers provided to the company under the relevant domestic legislation and/or the company’s own articles, supported by direct approaches to investors.

Our research team augments the data provided by our shareholder analysis research to provide our clients with intelligence on their investors, in terms of their location, type, investment style and investment behaviour.

Our standard analysis reporting can be tailored to our clients’ exact requirements in terms of structure and presentation.

UK listed companies

RD:IR’s shareholder analysis is supported by a dedicated Companies Act Section 793 administration team that is experienced in sourcing ownership data from investors, custodians and banks throughout the world in line with the provisions set out in the Act. We maintain a continually researched index of nominees, funds and fund managers.

Our insights into the structure of UK company registers and how they are traded help us provide highly granular analysis of shareholders in terms of:

  • Stock-lending
  • Market & index weightings
  • Short trades
  • Activist positions
  • Platform usage (for investment companies)

We offer a complete s808 register maintenance and public inspection service in compliance with the 2006 Companies Act

Internationally listed companies

RD:IR offers shareholder analysis services to public companies in any domicile, with any listing, with the methodology for our investigation varying accordingly. We are transparent about the depth and accuracy we can provide, as these qualities depend on the company’s domicile and legal status.We can advise any company on how best to achieve good share identification using a combination of domestic law and corporate structure.

In markets where we have the powers under the domestic legislation to interrogate shareholders as to the underlying ownership of their holdings and/or where there is a list of registered shareholders (for example, Australia, South Africa, Norway etc), we run a “bottom-up” research process, whereby we make enquiries and analyse registered positions, which is “topped up” by enquiries to investors directly to confirm their holdings.

In “bearer share” markets or markets where this is little or no transparency of ownership of the share register, we run intensive research campaigns to investors (front and back office) to identify shareholders and their funds, topped up by enquiries to custodians, banks and funds.


To make an enquiry regarding RD:IR’s shareholder analysis service please contact Sarah Blackshaw on +44 20 7492 0533 /  sarah.blackshaw@rdir.com