IR InTouch Investor Relations Platform


RD:IR developed its proprietary online investor relations platform, IR InTouch, in 2007, working in conjunction with clients and IR professionals to meet their exacting demands. As the years have passed and with every new development, IR InTouch has become a powerful investor relations tool which PLC’s such as Aberdeen Asset Management, Britvic and Debenhams have come to rely on for managing their IR activity.

IR InTouch combines rigorous shareholder analysis, powerful targeting, in-depth profiling and tailored investor relations contact management. It provides our clients with the data, functionality and reporting to manage investor relations communications with equity, debt, governance and SRI investor audiences.

IR InTouch has a number of separate modules, which enable clients to use the platform in a way that suits their individual requirements. Our shareholder analysis reporting tool can be employed as a stand alone service and users of this feature have access to the following data and reports, to allow them to understand their investors more accurately:

  • Shareholder analysis
  • Shareholder ownership interrogation via s793 (or equivalent) activity
  • Activist shareholder analysis
  • SRI investor analysis
  • Uploading of debt ownership data
  • Section 808 register management
  • Weighting analysis
  • Geographical analysis
  • Stocklending analysis
  • Peer/sector ownership analysis
  • Group analysis
  • Weekly or daily monitoring of share register movements
  • Written commentary on changes in ownership
  • Bespoke Reporting

Clients enjoy the SRA data service provided by RD:IR, as some of the following comments testament:

“We believe RD:IR provide some of the best share register analysis in the industry which gives us confidence when using the data at board level and also for investor targeting.” Shelley Fishwick, Aberdeen Asset Management plc

“We have recently switched to using RD:IRs combined SRA and CRM services. Their analysis of our shareholder base has been extremely thorough which gives us great confidence when reporting to our Board.The multitude of reporting options available via their CRM, which includes peer holders, weighting and geographical analysis, enables us to target more effectively and efficiently.” Stephen Nightingale, Britvic plc

Whilst some companies choose to just use the Analysis module of IR InTouch, others prefer to use the platform to its full capacity. The Contact Relationship Management (CRM) aspect of the system ensures ease of communication with current and potential investors.

IR InTouch has the following useful CRM features:

  • Extensive investor contact data
  • Investor meeting planning
  • Roadshow planning
  • Investor briefing notes for equity, debt & governance meetings
  • Maintenance of investor meeting notes
  • Ability to manage & report multiple investor audiences
  • Dedicated areas for equity, debt, governance & SRI investor contacts
  • Reporting on investor meetings
  • Email distribution
  • Targeting of new investors
  • Seamless linkage to SRA data
  • Email bounce-back monitoring

The platform can be viewed across all major browsers and devices, allowing clients to make full use of it whilst on the road. It also offers an offline data entry mode for tablet devices, ensuring meeting notes and records can be saved if there is no WiFi or cellular access readily available.

We find the IR InTouch platform an invaluable CRM tool especially with regards to recording all our meetings and notes. The system produces insightful roadshow packs which incorporate all share register and peer analysis information, which are useful for our busy meeting schedules. We have also started using the offline meeting function, allowing the recording of notes in an efficient and user friendly manner even on the move. Additionally, with a focused investor base on the CRM platform, we know we can reach thousands of relevant investors, globally, at a touch of a button.” Lisa Williams, (formally of) Debenhams plc

As a firm that takes our clients needs and requirements very seriously, we have strived to create an IR instrument of real value which is functional, intuitive and constantly evolving.

For more information regarding IR InTouch and/or a demo please contact Sarah Blackshaw on or +44 20 7492 0533