On 01 October, RD:IR had the pleasure to sponsor and participate in the Finnish IR Conference, hosted by the Finnish IR Society (FIRS) at F-Secure’s offices in Helsinki. Opening and closing remarks were made by FIRS’ chairman, Marja Mäkinen, with various speakers filling the day. It was a very well attended event, with diverse participation ranging from corporate issuers to legal companies and major local investors. Several newcomers to the industry were also in attendance. The programme benefited from excellent speakers passing on their experiences on subjects ranging from governance to the economy. 

Everyone in attendance at the Finnish IR Conference was very engaging, and credit to the board for making the annual event a memorable one. RD:IR very much looks forward to working with our Finnish partners in the future, having enjoyed working closely with FIRS.

We are successfully growing our client base in Northern Europe, being active in Norway, Denmark and Finland, and these events prove useful for both RD:IR and our clients. They are well organised and a superb opportunity to meet others and discuss the state of the IR and wider investment industries.